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The Americans are in favor of legalizing gambling

A survey conducted by the company Rasmussen Reports revealed that a majority of Americans support the legalization of gambling. The study was conducted by telephone on a sample of 1,000 US.

The research results reveal that 52% of Americans considered positive the presence of a casino in their state, while only 37% of them oppose this idea. Despite 57% of respondents agree that casinos have a positive impact on local economic development, 50% of respondents said that gambling has a negative global impact. Over two-thirds of US respondents, 71%, however, admits that he played in a casino game.

Another survey conducted in June by the same company had revealed that 44% of Americans believed that online casino games were to be legalized, while 37% claimed that the games would have to remain illegally.

From an article published recently in the newspaper New York Times discover that the revenue of the 12 US states that allow gambling, as well as the 42 states where it is allowed to play the lottery, have declined drastically. Other US states are seeking possibilities for the gambling license, a very productive business despite the crisis.

Barney Frank, Democrat of Massachusetts, is pressing for the repeal of the ban on online gambling took place during the Bush administration. This business could generate billions of dollars in tax revenue.