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Betfair celebrates 3 million customers

With 3 million registered customers, the British operator Betfair betting exchange has reached a new milestone with regard to its popularity. The share of three million was reached in April, Betfair has announced in a press release.

The CEO of Betfair, David Yu, expressed his enthusiasm about this result, seen as a symbol of the progress made by the company in a decade of activity. As of June 2000, the time of creation of Betfair, a large number of customers have placed their trust in the services of betting, poker and casino games and arcade offered by Betfair. The Betfair betting exchange platform records alone 6 million transactions per day.
The increase in the number of customers is accompanied by a substantial increase in revenue. Betfair has grown from a turnover of 107 million in 2005 to a current turnover of 303 million pounds.
These impressive figures were released to mark the 10th anniversary of Betfair. Six months ago, the company had just over 2.6 million registered customers.

The year 2010 provides a lucky year for all sports betting operators who wait eagerly awaiting the wave of bets following initiation of the next edition of the World Cup.