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AAMS: the Italian authorities for control of the game

AAMS (Autonomous Authority of the State Monopolies) manages the field of regulation and control of games in Italy. In addition, AAMS holds the development, production and distribution networks, creating job opportunities and sources of income.
The main objective of the AAMS is to map out guidelines to ensure a dynamic and reasonable development of the games industry.Still, AAMS will monitor the activities of authorized gambling operators, which have to operate within the rules established by the Administration.
According to the AAMS the state manages the network infrastructure and performs the control function, while the marketing of games fits into a free market system, which guarantees equitable practices and an economic balance that favors the development.

For what concerns the security measures, AAMS adopted several contrast and prevention measures. Through his efforts, AAMS constantly improving the offer of public games and try to win the confidence of the public in the adoption of laws and measures to regulate the market.
In addition to ensuring the security of the games, AAMS supports several social responsibility projects. The online gaming sites that carry the theme song AAMS ensure that the game meets the industry standard Italian.